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Full screen for Huawei P8 Lite 2017.

  • Full screen for Huawei P8 Lite 2017.  1
  • Full screen for Huawei P8 Lite 2017.  2
  • Full screen for Huawei P8 Lite 2017.  3
  • Full screen for Huawei P8 Lite 2017.  4
Full screen for Huawei P8 Lite 2017.
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Huawei P8 Lite 2017 screen

Full screen: This piece includes the LCD and the touch screen for the Huawei P8 Lite phone of the year 2017.
Model manufactured by Huawei ALE-L21 .
If your screen P8 Lite of the year 2017 has broken or is damaged (very important that this year) this is the right piece.
Changing a broken screen, with dead pixels or damaged by a hit, is a simple but delicate process. If you choose this screen and fix it, your installation will be easier than if you only choose the touch screen. Check in this description that your mobile is correct and also check the Huawei photos of yours, that correspond exactly with this piece.
Our recommendation is that if you have damaged the screen, use this piece to change it. It is economical and easy to replace.

What the P8 Lite 2017 screen includes

It includes the LCD screen (on which you see the image) and also the touch screen (the one that responds to the touch of our fingers) in an integrated way in an element that simply You will have to connect to the phone after removing its previous screen.
You will change all screen in full and the mobile will be as good as new. So you can extend your life for at least a couple of years more thanks to this full-screen high quality.
Huawei is a brand that produces very good quality screens and if yours has suffered a fall, a blow or something similar, you will have no choice but to change it for it.

Tips for the Huawei P8 Lite screen

If you have any questions with this screen, please ask us, so we can help you choose the correct part.
Also from iLevante we recommend that you make a repair kit highly recommended and economical. This way you can do the whole operation safely if you run the risk of damaging the phone. Oddly enough, if the right eyelashes or precision screwdrivers are not used, the result could be disastrous.
Ready to install and operate directly.
Each item has been checked before sending it. All the products pass an exhaustive quality control that guarantees its correct functioning
Although the change / installation of this screen is a simple process that can be done by any person, it is important to do it calmly and slowly. It will not take more than 20 minutes to make the change. Even so, if you have doubts, installation by professionals is recommended.

Colors of the Huawei Screen

The available colors are Black and White. They are the two colors in which Huawei has manufactured the model P8 Lite, which is also known by its acronym ALE-L21.

The availability we have is usually immediate, you can see it right next to the price of the screen.

Although iLevante is not a technical service, we can help if you do not know which screen you need or if the screen you have is damaged. Ask us and we will help you.

General Type LCD screen and touch screen

All touch screens and LCD screens are extremely well protected so that they do not suffer any damage during transport.
. Product Weight: 0.10 kg.

The technical specs of Huawei P8 Lite (2017)

can help you to choose the correct repair part for your device. Make sure your model reference is the same as this element. Here are some tech specs to help you:
  • Brand: Huawei
  • Huawei P8 Lite (2017) Size: 147.2 x 72.9 x 7.6 mm.
  • Release date: 2017, January.
  • Weight: 147 g.
  • Screen specs: IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors.
  • Screen size: 5.2 inches, 74.5 cm2.

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