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Complete screen for Huawei P20 Pro with fingerprint reader

  • Complete screen for Huawei P20 Pro with fingerprint reader 1
  • Complete screen for Huawei P20 Pro with fingerprint reader 2
  • Complete screen for Huawei P20 Pro with fingerprint reader 3
  • Complete screen for Huawei P20 Pro with fingerprint reader 4
  • Complete screen for Huawei P20 Pro with fingerprint reader 5
Huawei P20 Pro screen
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Huawei P20 Pro screen

If your Huawei P20 Pro screen has cracked, we offer you the most viable and efficient solution to carry out the repair yourself.
The screen we offer contains all the components that we will mention now:
  • The IC that controls the data.
  • INCELL type LCD screen, where we can see the images move.
  • The touch screen, which sends the signal of the touches we make with our hands on the phone.
  • The flex cable to connect the screen with the Huawei module.
  • The fingerprint reader.
To give you a positive experience when changing the module, we include a set of tools, including levers, a pick, and tools to remove screws. You will use each element in order to achieve a successful module change.
The Huawei P20 Pro screen and the tools will be dispatched to you in excellent condition due to the packaging we use, ensuring that nothing we send you will break.

How can I easily change the Huawei P20 Pro screen

In this article, I simply explain how to replace the screen that has stopped working on the P20 Pro in a list of four items. But before attempting anything, make sure you know how your phone is made.
The first thing you should do is place the device with the LCD facing down. Remove the back cover, the battery, and you will see some screws, remove them.
Now disconnect the flex cable from the original Huawei P20 Pro screen. Do it carefully as the Flex can be damaged. To identify it, you will see that it is a small tab. With a small flat screwdriver, apply a little force and it disconnects by itself.
The next step would be to replace the broken module, for that we will use two tools:
  • Heat: for this we will use a hair dryer, which should not exceed 120ºC. Do it all around
  • A plastic pick: apply pressure between the screen and the frame.
Finally, place the screen (previously remove any glue residue) and connect the cable exactly the same way. Now all that remains is to place the screws and the back cover.

This screen includes the fingerprint reader.

What is the price of the P20 Pro screen?

The price of the Huawei P20 Pro screen is 30.90€, which is mentioned at the beginning. The price includes VAT, only the shipping cost will be added to the total, which will depend on the area where you want to receive the package and the urgency at the time of purchase.

Can I change this Huawei P20 Pro screen myself?

Of course, you can! We have already explained the steps to follow quickly and effectively so that your phone can work again. From now on, we show you how to find out if your phone's screen is damaged.
If you follow the steps, you will have no problems. You will be able to solve the problem with just your ingenuity, saving money and in a few steps.

How to diagnose if the screen is broken

Most accidents involving mobile phones tend to cause superficial damage, mostly scratches on the screen, rather than catastrophic damage. However, sometimes an incident can cause invisible but significant damage to the screen or the device's functionality. At that time, it is crucial to follow some fundamental steps to assess the integrity of your Huawei P20 Pro.

First, turn on your device and try to interact with the screen. If it responds correctly, it is likely that some parts of the phone have not been affected by the accident.

Second, examine the corners of your device carefully. The areas near the edges are often the first to show cracks as a result of the impact, and these cracks can spread across the entire screen over time. If you notice signs of damage in these areas, consider disassembling the original module and replacing it with a new one.

Third, there may be no visible cracks on the screen, but the touch functionality may be affected or work only in certain parts of the phone. In this case, it is advisable to purchase a replacement screen compatible with your P20 Pro model.

Carefully assessing the condition of your phone after an accident will help you determine if it is necessary to take steps to repair it or replace damaged parts.

Different original tips for taking care of the Huawei P20 Pro screen

Special screen protector: Use a screen protector specifically designed to protect the screen of your Huawei P20 Pro. You can opt for tempered glass protectors that offer excellent protection against scratches and bumps. We send you one for free with the purchase of the screen.

Dark wallpaper: Setting a dark wallpaper can help reduce the energy consumption of the P20 Pro screen and extend the life of the pixels.

Gentle cleaning: Clean the screen regularly, but make sure to use a soft, clean cloth designed for electronic devices. Avoid using abrasive chemicals that could damage the screen coating.

Keep the phone away from sharp objects: Avoid carrying sharp objects like keys or coins in the same pocket or bag where you keep your Huawei P20 Pro. These objects can scratch the screen if they come into contact with it.

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun: Direct and prolonged sunlight can affect the screen and its responsiveness. Try not to leave your phone in the sun for a long time.

Do not press too hard: When using gestures or touching the P20 Pro screen, avoid applying too much pressure. Touchscreen technology is sensitive, and excessive pressure can damage it over time.

Updates and automatic brightness setting: Keep your operating system and apps updated, as updates can improve energy efficiency and the lifespan of the screen. Also, enable the automatic brightness function so that the screen automatically adjusts according to ambient lighting, which can reduce wear.

These tips will help you keep the screen of your Huawei P20 Pro in good condition and extend its lifespan.

Product Weight: 0.11 kg.

The technical specs of Huawei P20 Pro

can help you to choose the correct repair part for your device. Make sure your model reference is the same as this element. Here are some tech specs to help you:
  • Brand: Huawei
  • Huawei P20 Pro Size: 155 x 73.9 x 7.8 mm.
  • Release date: 2018, March 27.
  • Weight: 180 g.
  • Screen specs: OLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors.
  • Screen size: 6.1 inches, 93.9 cm2.

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. Experience: 5 stars
100% recomendable vuestra web y la pantalla que os compre.

. Experience: 5 stars
la pantalla funciona genial, encima ya viene incorporado el sensor de huella, me ha costado encontrarla pero ya la tengo mi pantalla nueva.
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