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IPhone 8 screen complete.

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IPhone 8 screen complete.
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Do you need an iPhone 8 screen?

Well, if you got here, you have already searched for this type of product in particular. Because let's face it, I do not think you're here idly looking for a screen for the iPhone 8, right?
Surely your screen has been broken or damaged in some way, but if you are not clear at all, here I give you one of the most common reasons why people come here:
- When the screen It got wet and somehow water came into the phone.
- When the touch screen turns out that it does not respond well to the instructions (sometimes it happens after a blow).
- When we directly dropped the iPhone 8 and it is more than evident that it is broken.
- When the colors start to be different according to what area of ??the screen you look at.
If this is one of your cases, you are on the right track and this is the screen that suits you.

What does the screen we sell include?

First of all this is a 2 in 1 kit. Surely in another place they will not tell you that. To us, that we like to be different, yes.
On the one hand, the LCD screen and the touch screen have been integrated in one piece. Although they look like one, they are two pieces and they are integrated here so that it is not difficult for you to change them.
The touch screen can be changed separately, but it is such a complex process that requires specific machinery. Therefore, as this message is intended for end users, we do not advise you to get into the berenjenal of changing only the tactile one.
Well, here the good things begin, and that is that we decided to give all customers who buy this screen a professional toolkit. It includes four precision screwdrivers, suction cups, spikes to take off screens ... everything you will need to change your iPhone 8 screen. Neither more nor less.
Let's not go crazy either ... the kit is professional, but of course it is not up to other more valuable kits. It will help you to change this and some other screen. The quality is justita (by the screwdrivers). Anyway, if you keep buying screens or other pieces, in most we give it away. So do not worry. And if it breaks, write us, maybe we'll give you another one :)

Can I change the screen of the iPhone 8?

We believe that yes. This guide is made for the normal user. Yes it is true that you will be manipulating a broken phone and this has risks. For example, the base plate of your phone may be broken and can not be fixed or the screen changed. But these cases are very rare.
In addition, we know from experience that changing a screen in the official technical service costs approximately 5 times more than this screen.
Because of this, if you are careful, you have a half hour to do it, you are careful, meticulous and use the right tools, you can easily change this screen yourself.
Do not be afraid, many clients do it every day (although not much is said about it!).

What colors are available?

Right now we have screens available in black. Anyway, if you need a particular color, write us because we will get it for you.

Is it safe to buy in iLevante?

Well, that's something for you to decide. We strive every day from our office and warehouse to provide the best service, as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
Here we are not going to tell you that we are the best or that everything will always be on wheels because the world is wonderful. No way. What we do say is that we try to surround ourselves with the people we think work best to get your product home with a good price and we also do the same for the means of payment. So that your security, your data and ours are safe.

General Type LCD screen and touch screen

All touch screens and LCD screens are extremely well protected so that they do not suffer any damage during transport.

. Product Weight: 0.12 kg.

The technical specs of Apple iPhone 8

can help you to choose the correct repair part for your device. Make sure your model reference is the same as this element. Here are some tech specs to help you:
  • Brand: Apple
  • Apple iPhone 8 Size: 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm.
  • Release date: 2017, September 12.
  • Weight: 148 g.
  • Screen specs: Retina IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors.
  • Screen size: 4.7 inches, 60.9 cm2.

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. Experience: 4 stars
Pantalla economica y de buena calidad

. Experience: 5 stars
Perfecta. Me llegó bien protegida que es lo importante. Luego cambiarla costó un poco mas porque era la primera vez. Contento me he quedado y la calidad es muy buena.
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