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Full screen for Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) / A510.

  • Full screen for Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) / A510.  1
  • Full screen for Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) / A510.  2
  • Full screen for Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) / A510.  3
  • Full screen for Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) / A510.  4
  • Full screen for Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) / A510.  5
Full screen for Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) / A510.
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Full screen: LCD and touch screen for Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) / A510.

For all 2016 models marketed in Spain and Europe.
The kit comes with the full screen to replace on your Galaxy A5 and is easy to install.
We include a complete set of screwdrivers for free so that you can disassemble the phone. It also includes a suction cup to take off the broken screen and some plastic tabs to be able to carefully take off the broken screen.
The realization of this repair is classified as simple, its difficulty is low, but you must treat the product with care to ensure proper operation.
The A510 model corresponds to the Samsung Galaxy A5 terminal, but only those that were manufactured in the year 2016. You must check the specifications of your phone to ensure that it corresponds.
You must use this product even if only the touch screen has been broken. The reason is that the replacement of the touch screen requires a complex replacement process for which you will need a very expensive machinery. Therefore, for individuals who want to do it themselves, we advise this.
Each item has been checked before sending it. All the products pass an exhaustive quality control that guarantees its correct operation.
Installation by professionals is recommended. We are not responsible for the damage caused to your installation.
The LCD screens that we distribute have a great quality and resistance.

All touch screens and LCD screens are extremely well protected so that they do not suffer any damage during transport.

Do you plan to install it yourself at home? Read these installation tips
Tip 1: Perform the test before finalizing the installation
When performing the test, do not remove the protective film that comes with the product to ensure that it will not scratch or get dust. Pay attention to the problem of static electricity, it is very important. These pieces are extremely sensitive.
Before starting the repair, be sure to use an ESD band (in English, electro static discharge - or, in other words, a static electricity discharge band), you can find an ESD download band in iLevante or in any other store. electronics. This band will make static electricity do not damage any electronic component.
Some parts for the screen are really sharp, be careful with them.
Tip 2: Simulated tests
Screen replacement is a fragile process, do it calmly and peacefully. We suggest you do a test before assembling the entire phone. Simply when you have it disassembled, place the piece and perform the test. Sometimes a bad connection can make it not work properly. That is why we advise you to do a test before closing the device again.
Tip 3: Be careful with the flex cables
Make sure you do not over bend the flex cables (the flex cable is that flexible part that carries the connector.) If you bend it beyond 90 degrees, it is very likely that it will stop working correctly Just treat it with care and you should not have any problems.
. Product Weight: 0.10 kg.

The technical specs of Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

can help you to choose the correct repair part for your device. Make sure your model reference is the same as this element. Here are some tech specs to help you:
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) Size: 144.8 x 71 x 7.3 mm.
  • Release date: 2015, December.
  • Weight: 155 g.
  • Screen specs: Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors.
  • Screen size: 5.2 inches, 74.5 cm2.

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. Experience: 4 stars
Segundo pedido que realizo y ha sido todo perfecto como el primero, pantalla correcta y con tiempo de envio rapido, buenos profesionales.

. Experience: 5 stars
He conseguido esta pantalla en vuestra web, la lleve al tecnico para cambiarla y ha ido todo perfecto. gracias

. Experience: 5 stars
Todo perfecto, tanto la pantalla como el envío sin ningun problema.
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