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Full screen Samsung Galaxy S7 / G930. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47

  • Full screen Samsung Galaxy S7 / G930. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47  1
  • Full screen Samsung Galaxy S7 / G930. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47  2
  • Full screen Samsung Galaxy S7 / G930. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47  3
Full screen Samsung Galaxy S7 / G930. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
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Samsung Galaxy S7 screen

This is the full screen of the Galaxy S7, model G930 of the European market. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
If your phone corresponds to this model description, this is the screen that you will need to change. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
This screen also includes a toolkit so you can change it. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
This kit consists of several screwdrivers, suction cups and clips to remove the old screen (which we imagine will be broken). 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
EYE! 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 This is the model of the S7, it is not that of the S7 EDGE. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 The one of that other model is more expensive to have the rounded edges (what is now called infinite screen). 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
The product includes the LCD screen and the touch screen. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 Both, integrated in a single piece so you do not have to perform the difficult task of taking off one from the other. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 That, apart from needing specific machinery, is extremely delicate to perform. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
However, by changing the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7 complete, you will have almost no risk of damaging your phone. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47

How do I know if my screen has been broken? 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47

Apart from obvious aesthetic damages that will not make you doubt whether it is broken or not, there are other situations:
For example, spots on the screen. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 It usually occurs when moisture is filtered. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 With this symptom, the screen may last for a few weeks or may stop working within a few days. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
Another reason is when the screen flickers, black or white streaks appear. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 Surely the connector is damaged and when that happens, you have to change the whole screen. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47

What about the price and service for the Samsung S7? 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47

In iLevante we always try to maintain an economic price for our products, however, for example, this piece is truly expensive. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 Due to the quality of manufacturing and the characteristics of the screen, the price we have right now is the best we can offer. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
Anyway, the price varies with the months and the availability of screens from Samsung. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
We are not technical service or repairs (for now) but we believe that it is not necessary to go to the official technical service to get it changed. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 The process is simple and lots of customers trust our products every day to make their screen change. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47

General Type LCD screen and touch screen

All touch screens and LCD screens are extremely well protected so that they do not suffer any damage during transport. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47

. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 Product Weight: 0.12 kg.

The technical specs of Samsung Galaxy S7

can help you to choose the correct repair part for your device. Make sure your model reference is the same as this element. Here are some tech specs to help you:
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Size: 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9 mm.
  • Release date: 2016, February 21.
  • Weight: 152 g.
  • Screen specs: Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors.
  • Screen size: 5.1 inches, 71.5 cm2.

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. Experience: 5 stars
Ha encajado perfecto en mi galaxy s7. Estuve a punto de tirar el móvil, pensé que eran mas caras.
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