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Complete screen for Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) A750

  • Complete screen for Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) A750 1
  • Complete screen for Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) A750 2
  • Complete screen for Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) A750 3
  • Complete screen for Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) A750 4
Samsung A7 (2018) A750 screen
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  • Gratis: Kit de herramientas.
  • Incluye: Protector de pantalla templado.
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Samsung A7 2018 screen

This is the complete screen corresponding to the Samsung Galaxy A7 phone. Model from the year 2018 and SM-A750 or A750 (both are the same phone).

Take a look at our photographs, as they are exactly the same as the Samsung A7 from the year 2018 and should be valid for your mobile.

This screen includes different integrated spare parts, which makes it a complete solution when it comes to changing the screen entirely, these are:
  1. LCD display screen.
  2. Touch screen.
  3. Connection flex to the motherboard.
  4. Internal brightness controller.
  5. Image controller IC.
From iLevante we advise that if you want to fix any of these components, you should opt for this product, as fixing any of them separately is very complicated and requires specific machinery (which often cannot be found even in the technical service).

Can I change the broken screen of the Samsung A7 2018?

Definitely yes. Most of our customers are individuals who want to fix their Samsung phone but are not experts in the field. Even so, with small guides they can do it.

We always talk about the basics for fixing screens and the basics are:
  • Make sure you have no static electricity.
  • Disconnect the battery before changing the screen (very important with Samsung).
  • Use the set of tools that we send you for free.
  • Look for tutorials on YouTube (which are the easiest to follow -much easier than us telling you here-).

What is the price of the screen?

Our prices are always competitive and include VAT. It is a high-quality screen for Samsung A7 model from the year 2018.

The price of the screen for Samsung A750 is 21.50€.

Regarding shipping costs, from 3.99 euros we ship anywhere.

Tips for the Samsung A7 SM-A750

Whenever we give advice we do it with great care, especially because following recommendations to the letter can be risky. So, we will limit ourselves to giving some basic advice for when you already have the new screen.

Get a tempered protector for your screen (depending on the promotion we have at that moment, we give it away).
Also look for a case. It is not necessary for it to cover the screen, as the most fragile area of the screens, contrary to what is often believed, is not the central part. It is the edges. A bad blow to the edge can break it completely. So look for a case that has edge protection. If it protrudes a little, so much the better.

How do I know if I have the Samsung A7 2018 screen broken?

It is difficult to make a diagnosis of a Samsung mobile without having it present or disassembling it. For this reason, and for informational purposes, we can present you with some of the most common reasons why it can break:
  • A blow that cracks the outer glass and the touch stops working.
  • If it shows any blue / purple / black spot that gets bigger. That shows that the LCD is broken.
  • If some area of the touch no longer works well.
  • Have vertical or horizontal stripes appeared on the screen?
  • If it sometimes flickers or when you press it. Possibly the flex is damaged. Being an integrated piece, it cannot be changed alone and the entire screen must be changed.
  • If the touch no longer responds.
  • A black screen is something more than obvious that it is damaged.

Some tips for repairing it yourself

We advocate for simplicity. Be careful when you are going to do the repair. It can take you 20-30 minutes without any problem, but it is essential that you take into account the recommendations at the beginning of our article.

If you do not feel capable or are afraid, you can also take this screen to the technical service. They will fix it without problems. In addition, it will be more economical.

Of course, if you buy it and want us to send it to you (which is our main activity), we will send it to you perfectly packed and protected. This is something we always do with great care and dedication.
Product Weight: 0.13 kg.

The technical specs of Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)

can help you to choose the correct repair part for your device. Make sure your model reference is the same as this element. Here are some tech specs to help you:
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) Size: 159.8 x 76.8 x 7.5 mm.
  • Release date: 2018, September.
  • Weight: 168 g.
  • Screen specs: Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors.
  • Screen size: 6.0 inches, 91.4 cm2.

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. Experience: 5 stars
Ya tengo la pantalla colocada en mi movil y funciona bien, cualquier otra cosa que necesita os volvere a comprar

. Experience: 5 stars
La pantalla me llegó rapido y funciona de maravilla, sin duda teneis un buen servicio.

. Experience: 5 stars
Os compre la pantalla a Ilevante hace poco y la verdad que me he quedado muy satisfecho con esta pantalla.

. Experience: 5 stars
Me llegó rápido y funciona perfectamente.
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