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Complete Screen for Samsung Galaxy A40 A405

  • Complete Screen for Samsung Galaxy A40 A405 1
  • Complete Screen for Samsung Galaxy A40 A405 2
  • Complete Screen for Samsung Galaxy A40 A405 3
  • Complete Screen for Samsung Galaxy A40 A405 4
  • Complete Screen for Samsung Galaxy A40 A405 5
Samsung A40 A405 Screen
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Samsung A40 Screen

This is the complete screen for the Samsung A40, also known by everyone as the LCD screen and touch screen for Samsung Galaxy A40.SM-A405F/DS, SM-A405FN/DS,SM-A405FM/DS. The most common reference is A405.
Having a complete screen means that it includes several elements assembled into one. For this reason, we are going to deconstruct the screen, so you will know what it has:
  • An LCD display/screen: where images, videos, and everything is displayed.
  • A touch screen: to receive commands from our fingers.
  • The connection flex cable to the motherboard: essential for communicating the screen with the Samsung motherboard.
  • The backlight for lighting and brightness control: integrated into the LCD internally.
All these elements form, when joined together, a complete screen. In our view, this is the best type of replacement there is. Why?We think this because if you buy the parts separately you will need special machinery to separate the screens and make it perfect. These machines cost hundreds of euros and are only available in some technical services. In fact, just changing the front in a technical service will cost you more than changing the complete screen by yourself.

Problems with theSamsung Galaxy A402019screen are not usually common, as this device is one of the best on the market today. However, if due to factory issues, an accident, fall, or hit; your Samsung A40 has a broken screen, it is most advisable to consider changing it. All this is because, with this, you can save money, since you will not have to buy a new one. However, before deciding to purchase the screen, it is useful to know different relevant aspects. This way, you can get the best results:

How to change the Samsung A40 screen?

One of the usual questions when trying to solve our problems is to try it ourselves.Repairing the Samsung A40 screen can be a very simple process, especially if you turn to professionals in original technical service. Now, having the screen changed at the official Samsung service can cost almost as much as a new phone.

For this reason, we sell these screens separately, so you can easily make the change yourself. And here we give some of the main guidelines so that you can do it without risk:

  1. You should not have any static electricity in your body.
  2. You will need our screwdriver kit (which we give you along with this screen).
  3. Using, for example a hairdryer, you will have to heat the front of the phone. This way it will come off (along with the picks included in the tool kit) and you can finally remove it.
  4. Do not forget: in Samsung phones, before putting the new screen you have to turn them off. Turn off the phone before starting and you can forget about problems.
  5. Once you have the screen detached and have removed the glue residues, you can disconnect it and put the new one.
  6. Now you can try to turn on the A40.
  7. If it works, congratulations, you have fixed it!

Is my Samsung A40 broken?

Generally, if you are here reading this, you must already be quite clear that your Samsung is broken. This is, nowadays more common than it may seem. We carry the mobile everywhere and always in hand, it is usual that in one way or another it breaks. However, there are some symptoms that we might consider not being a reason for changing the screen. Therefore, and to clear your doubts, here I present some of those situations in which you will need to change it:

  • Vertical black/white stripes have appeared that do not let you see the screen well.
  • Stains have appeared on the screen that are from moisture or water. This will end up leaving the screen white with an irreparable light leak.
  • The touch has stopped responding in some areas or does not respond well (and you have already tried to restart the phone or uninstall applications).
  • The protective glass has broken and sometimes ripples are noticeable on the LCD screen.
  • You cannot control the brightness and the screen has become very dark.
All these reasons are the rarest that can happen to you and will force you to change the screen completely. Others more obvious such as breaks, there is no need to comment on them.

Buy the Samsung A40 screen and at the best price

If you want to buy a complete Samsung Galaxy A40 screen, to repair your mobile; you should know that, this is a very simple process. All this is because, in our store we have the availability of this product, at a very affordable price. Therefore, if you want to buy Samsung Galaxy A40 screen and at the best price, you are visiting the right page.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that, we also have available a diverse variety of parts for Samsung mobiles, as well as other brands and manufacturers.

Pay close attention to your phone model, we recommend this screen for the model SM-A405F/DS, also for the SM-A405FN/DS and the most common of all, the SM-A405FM/DS. These are the technical references from Samsung for the repair of their flagship phone of 2019.

Samsung tips for the A40

The main tips that we can reproduce on our website and we know that Samsung widely disseminates are simple and well-known, however, we believe it is necessary to say it again:

  • The Samsung A40 is a phone that, despite having come out with very good quality, its screen breaks relatively easily.
  • To avoid breaking and having to fix it, a simple and cheap recommendation is to buy a front protector. If you don't have one, please get one. If we have one available at iLevante, it is possible that we will send it with the screen, but we cannot openly announce it because it will depend on our availability and if we do it will be in the form of a free detail.
  • Look for a protective case, but not just any case. Most of the cases that people like are those that cover the back cover. However, these are not recommended. Look for a case that protects the side edges and protrudes from the screen by at least a couple of millimeters. That way, if your phone falls edge or front, it will not break so easily.
However, if you have a hard job where your phone can take quite a few strong blows even while in your pocket, do not hesitate: A case with a front cover. In the long run, you will appreciate it.

Product Weight: 0.12 kg.

The technical specs of Samsung Galaxy A40

can help you to choose the correct repair part for your device. Make sure your model reference is the same as this element. Here are some tech specs to help you:
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Samsung Galaxy A40 Size: 144.4 x 69.2 x 7.9 mm.
  • Release date: 2019, March.
  • Weight: 140 g.
  • Screen specs: Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors.
  • Screen size: 5.9 inches, 85.5 cm2.

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. Experience: 5 stars
Pues mira, que estaba yo con el móvil hecho un cristo y me puse a buscar una pantalla nueva. La del Galaxy A40 A405 me ha venido de perlas. Funciona y se ve casi como la original. No es que sea la más experta, pero vamos, que estoy contenta con el cambio y se lo recomendaría a quien sea que necesite una.

. Experience: 5 stars
Despues de buscar en varias webs pude ver que vuestros precios son muy buenos y os compre la pantalla A40 he quedado contento con esta compra, os tendre en cuenta para otra ocasion

. Experience: 4 stars
Os compre la pantalla para un A40 y la tengo funcionando desde hace un mes y funciona correctamente.

. Experience: 4 stars
Tengo un servicio tecnico y compre un par de pantallas para mi negocio y puedo decir que esta pantalla es de calidad.
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