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Anti theft display support for mobile phones.

Anti-theft display support for mobile phones.
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Protection system for mobile devices. Very easy installation and great effectiveness.
Methacrylate support, without alarm, for exposition of mobile phones, smartphones or models.
A very economical option to expose your products anywhere.
Weight: 74g
Size: 14cm
Cable length 10 cm cable with adhesive fixing on both sides.
Tension: 80 - 150G
Support: Resistant ABS
Accessories: 3M adhesive to hold the device.

Very economic support that they use in many stores and shops to showcase where they do not need an alarm and they look for a cheap and low price way. One of the most successful supports of our store for its great price.

Being methacrylate material, you can adapt it to your needs if you want to hang it from somewhere or place it in another position. Even could easily drill to anchor to some surface.

We recommend this piece if your needs exclude an audible alarm. If instead you need an alert, we have many other electronic supports in the category where this item is located. Do not hesitate to visit it.
Product Weight: 0.12 kg.

PVP: SNK.S-SDH-01027.97 AvailableInStockNewCondition

on . Experience: 5 stars
Hemos comprado estos soportes para nuestra empresa y nos han ido bien. Son sencillos, de metacrilato y poco mas. No llevan alarma, cosa que ya sabíamos. Creo que es la opción mas barata de la tienda...

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