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Complete screen for iPhone XR

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iPhone XR Screen (Complete LCD and Touch)
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iPhone XR Screen

This screen is complete for your iPhone XR (all existing models: A1984 A2105 A2106 and A2108). If for some reason it is broken, with this part you can solve any damage you have on the front.
If you want to know exactly the composition of this XR screen, here it is:
  • Touch front (touch screen), this is the part with which our finger commands are interpreted and sent to the XR motherboard.
  • Replacement LCD screen, this is where all the information and images are displayed for us to see. Our screens are high quality, similar to the original, and durable to ensure you have maximum brightness, the best view from any angle, and the best color quality.
  • Flex connector to the motherboard: You will have to connect the entire screen to the phone, this is the integrated element for that.
  • Image controller, with the IC chip, all the information is sent from one part to another. Normally this piece is not mentioned, but we think it deserves it.
  • Backlight: the screen lighting is part of the integrated image panel and is commonly called backlight. Thanks to this element, brightness control is possible.
All these components are assembled into a single element to simply remove the broken screen and install this one. One of the biggest advantages we see in this iPhone XR screen is that you can make the change in a few minutes because it will be a matter of removing and placing.

Changing the iPhone XR Screen

Changing this screen is a simple task that you can perform even with little knowledge of electronics. The main thing that is necessary is patience and to be careful. Apart from this, follow these simple steps that we indicate and use the tools that we give you with your screen.
  1. Always turn off the iPhone XR. This part is as important as if the operation is performed with the phone on, some parts can be damaged because, when on, the chips are not at room temperature, but they are hot. If in addition, we give them the heat that the adhesive needs to be soft, it may exceed the temperature that these chips can withstand. Therefore, always turn off the phone.
  2. Use a heat gun or a hair dryer to heat the sides of the screen. Do not get closer than 5 centimeters and move it constantly. The goal is to soften the internal adhesive of the screen and be able to insert a spudger on the side.
  3. Insert the spudger on the side and move it up and down to completely detach it. Repeat this with all sides. This is the most tedious part.
  4. Once you have the four spudgers inserted, heat the center and then use the suction cup to detach the screen. If you can't do it the first time, repeat it.
  5. Disconnect the flex from the old screen and clean the adhesive residue.
  6. Use the new screen and connect the flex to the motherboard, right where the other flex cables were.
  7. Check that it works and close the phone.
That's it, you will have the screen change done!

iPhone XR Screen and its Price

The price of this screen is currently on offer and we consider that we have a very competitive price. You can take advantage of this situation to get the screen now while it does not change.
The price is always with VAT and you will have to add the shipping costs that you can see at the top and in the shopping cart.

We never set prices without VAT nor try to induce errors in this aspect, so the price of the screen is always clear and direct.

Screen Problems

Generally, the iPhone XR screen does not usually have problems, however, some blows or external agents can end up damaging this phone. So you know how to find out if your screen is broken or not, here are some reasons:
  • Water inside. If an internal stain has appeared on the screen, it is probably water or moisture.
  • Vertical stripes or white/black lines: This is a clear symptom of partial breakage of the LCD or flex.
  • If there is a black area on the screen, the partial breakage is more pronounced and serious.
  • Constant delays in touch or directly there are areas that do not respond well. You will have to change the screen.
These reasons are the most common to resort to technical service. Remember that thanks to our replacement, it is not necessary to go and you can change it yourself.

If you are worried about whether you can change it or not, we can tell you that many people come to iLevante looking for an economical solution to their problem (usually: I have a broken screen). While in 2014, when we began to work with repair parts, we sold mainly to stores, we realized that some non-professional people often bought from us. We began to see this trend and investigated the installation procedures.
We realized that changing a part of this type was not so complicated and that, although traditionally people went to official technical services (the Apple Care), in these places customers paid 3 times the price of the screen.

For this reason, we began to disseminate on our website all the information we had on how to make the changes of iPhone XR screen, because it seemed to us that everyone should have access to the information and be able to decide with all the knowledge in their power.

Now that you know this, we tell you that we are here and that we can help you. If you need help, you can ask for it.
Product Weight: 0.13 kg.

The technical specs of Apple iPhone XR

can help you to choose the correct repair part for your device. Make sure your model reference is the same as this element. Here are some tech specs to help you:
  • Brand: Apple
  • Apple iPhone XR Size: 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm.
  • Release date: 2018, September 12.
  • Weight: 194 g.
  • Screen specs: Liquid Retina IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors.
  • Screen size: 6.1 inches, 90.3 cm2.

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