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Complete screen for iPhone 14

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  • Complete screen for iPhone 14 2
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iPhone 14 Screen
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Complete iPhone 14 Screen

The replacement we offer is a brand new screen. This part is suitable for the iPhone 14 (Year 2022). The product is an integrated component. It contains:
  • The touch screen.
  • The LCD screen.
  • The connection cable that is assembled to the motherboard.
  • An integrated image controller IC.
To ensure a positive experience, we include a set of tools, among them are levers, a pick, and tools for removing screws.
The iPhone 14 Screen and tools will be sent to you in optimal condition thanks to the packaging we use, ensuring that nothing we send you will break.

How can I quickly change the iPhone 14 Screen

Here I will explain in a simple, intuitive, and safe way, how to replace the unusable screen of the Apple iPhone 14 in a list of 4 steps. But before starting, make sure you know how your phone is assembled.
To begin, place the phone with the LCD facing down. Remove the back cover, the battery, and you will notice some screws, remove them.
The second step is to disconnect the screen's flex cable. Do it carefully as the cable can be damaged. To identify it, you will see that it is a small connector. With the plastic lever, apply pressure and it disconnects by itself.
Now you must do the following: remove the broken module, for this you will need to use two tools:

  • Heat: for this we will use a heat gun, which should not exceed 120°C. Apply it to the sides and corners.
  • A plastic pick: apply pressure under the touch screen.
To conclude, place the new screen (after cleaning any impurities) and connect the cable in the same way. Now all that remains is to place the screws and the cover. You have your phone as good as new!

What is the price of the iPhone 14 Screen?

The price we specified at the beginning (58.50€), only the shipping cost will be added. All our prices already include VAT. You can choose the shipping at the time of placing the order depending on your needs. In any case, you can be sure that what you purchase will arrive in optimal conditions.

Should I go to an official Apple technical service

It is very normal to feel overwhelmed by something you have never done before, but remember that there are no secrets to this task. Many e-books and manuals have been written on how to change the module of your Smartphone.
On this page, I will explain how to do it yourself with a minimal investment of 58.50€. Make sure to read everything, do not try to skip any paragraph as that will depend on the success of your effort. If you do not understand it, read it repeatedly. Therefore, the answer is: It is not at all necessary to send it to an official service. Courage!

Will I be able to replace this Apple iPhone 14 screen

Of course, you can! We have already mentioned the steps to follow quickly and effectively so that your Apple iPhone 14 works again. Now, we will reveal how to understand if your phone's screen is broken.
If you follow the items, you will not have problems. You will have solved the problem with just your ingenuity and in a short time.

Diagnosing if I have a broken screen

Before concluding that it has stopped working completely, it is important to analyze whether it is the glass or the module that is defective.
If the touch fails, we will realize by noticing the exterior broken but the display still looks normal. But the screen will be shattered if the Apple iPhone 14 stops working, that is, if only half is displayed, horizontal lines appear, or everything is black. To finish verifying that we must place another one, go to settings. Then, to "Phone Information" and click 7 times on "build number". This will activate the "developer options".
Within this item, select "pointer location", and draw lines across the entire screen. If these are not represented, it means that it has problems and you have to replace it.

Original recommendations from Apple iPhone 14

First of all, what you should do, is to place a film protector that sticks to the module, and protects it from scratches or marks. The thickness of the glass is usually 0.3 to 0.5 mm and they act as a shield against any impact at a height of one meter. The qualities vary, and not to mention their cost, but it is still too economical. And you can easily place them yourself whenever it has a scratch or is shattered. Thus, only the glass will break and the display of your Apple will remain intact.
In addition, we urge you to use a silicone case that cushions the damage from the fall avoiding breaks. And it protects the edges. Among the most used cases are those that have an edge that stands out above the touch, because when it falls to the ground it does not touch.

Product Weight: 0.20 kg.

The technical specs of Apple iPhone 14

can help you to choose the correct repair part for your device. Make sure your model reference is the same as this element. Here are some tech specs to help you:
  • Brand: Apple
  • Apple iPhone 14 Size: 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.8 mm.
  • Release date: 2022, September 07.
  • Weight: 172 g.
  • Screen specs: Super Retina XDR OLED, HDR10, Dolby Vision, 800 nits , 1200 nits.
  • Screen size: 6.1 inches, 90.2 cm2.

PVP: SNK.IP4P004958.50 AvailableInStockNewCondition

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