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About this anti-theft support:

? Double security sensor with alarm. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
? Lithium battery
? Supports the charging function for the phone. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
? Infrared decoder with digital encryption. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
? High quality sensor to avoid false positives. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
? Flexible spiral cable for connection to the alarm. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
? To unlock the alarm:
- Once the alarm has been triggered, the way to silence it is by pressing the 345 keys on the remote control. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
? Password change: When the blue light is flashing, press the '' Setting '' button for 3 seconds. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 The alarm will beep, at that time you must enter the original password (default 34 ? and then enter the new 3-digit password twice.) The alarm will beep 3 times, confirming that it has been configured correctly.

966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 Specifications
General Materials ABS, PC
Battery type:
3.7V Li-ion Battery
Output Voltage: 110V-240V
Input Voltage: 5V
Standby time
300V days
Remote control distance:
Device size 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 :
140mm x 95mm x 70mm

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. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 Product Weight: 0.34 kg.

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. Experience: 4 stars
Good product, gives you what it promises in the information. Correct the service received, it has been a fast shipping.
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