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Original LCD screen and touch screen for HTC 10 / One M10.

  • Original LCD screen and touch screen for HTC 10 / One M10.  1
  • Original LCD screen and touch screen for HTC 10 / One M10.  2
  • Original LCD screen and touch screen for HTC 10 / One M10.  3
  • Original LCD screen and touch screen for HTC 10 / One M10.  4
Original LCD screen and touch screen for HTC 10 / One M10.
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LCD screen + touch screen for HTC 10 / One M10
The purpose of the repair part is that it is not a problem to fix the broken part of the HTC 10 by which you can see in the image by a new and resistant 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 . Performing the remove and put task will not be a problem and you should not worry about the replacement, because the brand HTC has made the process to change it simple
Take the opportunity today to renew your HTC 10 . 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 Experience is a degree and iLevante knows that we want to have our HTC mobile or tablet clean every day. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 Do not think more and renew the HTC. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
In our online store we sell this new product to make it arrive and put you to place it. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47
Every day, for our part we pack and send to your home each item working perfectly and tested for it. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 We perform quality and performance tests with several stages that guarantees the operation. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 Usually these elements are tested only in the manufacturer, but we do an extra step, our technicians put the batteries to make more tests that ensures all the key points of the device, in order to be fully sure that you will have in your hands a product 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 in perfect condition. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 For example, we can say that they are checked, in a first step, that all the sensors are good and the crystals are in good condition. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 It is an aesthetic but also electric view. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 On the other hand, the external components are reviewed. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 The spare parts are also checked, to be sure that they have the perfect thickness and the exact measurements. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 This operation is essential to avoid problems later
We have the experience of several customers changing their own replacement parts for HTC, but even with these we know that not all have the same experience or knowledge. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 Knowing this, although all our pieces are susceptible to be installed by customers who are not regulated professionals, we suggest that, if you do not have previous experience or do not fully know how you are going to change the piece, go to a technical service. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 The authorized technical service will tell you how much it costs and on the other hand it will give you guarantees on the installation, so, although the price is higher this, you will have more things in return. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 While doing the installation, you must be very careful with the spare, because a simple pull or a micro spark of static electricity could damage these parts, which are very sensitive. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47

General Type LCD screen and touch screen

For us the packaging of orders is a high priority. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 Therefore, each screen is fully packaged during the transfer, so nothing happens. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47

Ways to change the LCD screen of the HTC 10

If we have the full screen, what we will do is make sure everything is in good condition. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 The spare is a pack, which includes different parts, but integrated in only one in perfect condition for HTC 10. This set makes you have the LCD, touch, flex and IC (the integrated image control) in one piece 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 only. In this way, the substitution will not be longer than 15-25 minutes. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 Already depending on the state of the old screen and your degree of experience. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 We must know that each screen with some tools or others, but this, thanks to being complete, is the easiest. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 What is almost certain is that you will need a set of screwdrivers and suction cups, but quiet, it is not expensive. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 By the way, take a look at the picture on this screen, because on many occasions iLevante gives you the necessary kit to make the repair. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 This set of tools is basic, but there is everything you need. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 At the same time, we want to emphasize that every day, many customers trust the quality of iLevante to buy their substitutions for the screen for HTC 10 and if you follow the guidelines, you will not have any problem in repairing it by yourself. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 But you have to be patient and be careful. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 Think that an electronic element that has failed and small is being manipulated. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47

Reasons why the HTC

screen is broken Now I help you to realize if you have the screen broken. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 There are many reasons why you can fail, although the usual ones are the ones that I write to you now: If there has been a blow or several blows on the front we will declare that you will not have any choice but to replace it. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 Have you had circles on your screen, which could be damp or liquid? 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 If the image does not reflect colors normally, but in some areas of the screen it does not look as it should. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 . Does the touch display not respond adequately to the movements of your finger in certain areas or completely? 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 Now you can see strokes from one side to another ... If you think you see something written, you will have to restore it .. 966ee09bfefa39f798ecab3776b20d47 Product Weight: 0.10 kg.

The technical specs of HTC 10

can help you to choose the correct repair part for your device. Make sure your model reference is the same as this element. Here are some tech specs to help you:
  • Brand: HTC
  • HTC 10 Size: 145.9 x 71.9 x 9 mm.
  • Release date: 2016, April 12.
  • Weight: 161 g.
  • Screen specs: Super LCD5 capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors.
  • Screen size: 5.2 inches, 74.5 cm2.

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